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[edit] The Garden, 2011

Hard to believe, but the garden is even better this year, thanks to the Spring rains and a LOT of hard work by Farah over the winter. So when you see her, give her a BIG thanks.

And if any of the rest of you helped, please sign in here and give yourself a round of applause!

[edit] Garden 2010

It's back, and better than ever, thanks again to Farah and all her work! If anyone else has pictures of the garden, please either post them here or email me.

Late news! More garden pictures here!

TB 4-13-2010

[edit] Garden 2007

Below is a picture of the wonderful garden that Farah (and maybe others?) created during the summer of 2007. She did one the year before too, which was beautiful, but this one was even better, and stayed lush into the late Autumn.

Sorry about the quality of the picture! If anyone has better ones, please post them!

[TB] 2008-02-03

[edit] Holiday Decorations 2007

The holiday season of 2007 saw our second annual lobby decoration party, attended by both young and old, with copious food and lots of good cheer. It was much enjoyed by all!

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