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[edit] Holiday Party 2015!

The annual holiday and decoration party is early this year: Monday, December 7th at 8:00PM. Bring food. Bring drink. Bring yourselves and have a great time meeting new neighbors and keeping up with old ones!

[edit] Holiday Party 2014!

The annual holiday and decorate-the-lobby party will be held this year on Wednesday, December 17th at 8:00PM. All are welcome! Bring some food or drink to share with neighbors, and of course those phones or cameras to take pictures we can put here. See you there!

[edit] Annual Meeting 2014

The annual meeting of shareholders will be held this year on Thursday, November 7th at 7:00PM in the laundry room. If you are a shareholder, please come or give your proxy to someone else so that we can have a quorum.

[edit] Block Assciation

11/13/2013 Followup meeting on Wednesday, November 13th at 7:00PM in 5C. The agenda includes:

  • Discussion of how to build an inclusive association that bridges the divides of ethnicity, language and class
  • Determination of a regular meeting place
  • Setting of next meeting and agenda

10/16/2013 There will be another meeting around the idea of forming a local block association in Rod and Debra's apartment 5C at 7:00PM on October 16th. All welcome. Bring your ideas!   PLUS get a sneak preview at the prototype window lock designed by Malcolm!

[edit] 2012 Annual Meeting

The meeting finally came to order on Monday the 12, having been postponed on account of hurricane Sandy. A goodly turnout was on hand and various items were discussed, including the loud music frequently heard late at night from 20-26 Bogardus apartment 5C. Jeffrey and others have called 311 and the local precinct repeatedly, but we all need to join that effort. A new board was voted for, but the results not as yet tallied. Everyone is urged to sign up for Star Credits by going to the website. You can get the application here and the FAQ here.

The Xmas party and tree trimming was set for December 18th, and all are welcome and encouraged to come!

[edit] Elevator Fixed

The elevator company was at the building on December 7th and have corrected the problem. At the 4th floor there was a contact that was causing a short in the line therefore the fuse to the elevator kept blowing out. They have assured us that this was the cause of the short and are sorry for any problems that this caused.

[edit] The 2011 Party and Lobby Decoration Get-Together!

The annual festivities and decorating of the lobby will take place this year on Tuesday, December 13th at 8:00PM. Come one, come all! Food or drink is welcome but not required. See you there! Click here for pictures of last year's event

[edit] 2011 Annual Meeting

Our annual coop meeting will take place this year on Tuesday, October 18th, 2011. It will be in the laundry room as is customary of late, and will begin at 7:00PM, with signin beginning at 6:45. If you are a cooperator and can't make the meeting, be sure to give your signed proxy form to someone who is going; that may make the difference between having enough votes to pass something or not. And remember to bring a chair!

[edit] Kitty Litter Disposal

There has been some confusion about where to dispose of kitty litter. Old-timers may remember using ONLY the small round can, but Gustavo prefers to use ALL of the non-recyling cans, which means the three large, black, square cans in addition to the small round one. Please do NOT put kitty litter into the recycling cans or down the chute. Thanks!

[edit] 2010 Lobby Party!

The annual party to trim the lobby and meet your neighbors will happen this year on Tuesday the 14th. Food and drink are always welcome, but in any event COME! Here are some pictures from last year!

[edit] 2010 Annual Meeting

Our Annual Meeting will be held this year on Tuesday the 14th of September in the laundry room at 7:30PM. Remember to vote first! All cooperators are welcome, and we have a substantial agenda, so please try to be there.

[edit] Temporary Superintendent

Mr. Gustavo Marin will be taking care of the building during the afternoon hours until a replacement superintendent has been hired. If you have an emergency, you may reach Mr. Marin at 646 509-0434. Please be advised that this number should only be used in case of emergency.

[edit] Yoga by Patrick and Lisa of 2C

Patrick and Lisa of apartment 2C, both certified yoga teachers, would like to begin offering classes to anyone in our building who may be interested. We could explore both the ideas of having a weekly class in a public area such as the laundry room, and/or private/semi-private lessons in the studio in our apartment. For more information and contact info check out their site here!

[edit] 2009 Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting of Stockholders will be held in the laundry room on December 17th, 2009. Signin will begin at 6:45 and the meeting will begin at promptly at 7:00PM (with any luck).

[edit] Community Meeting re 37 Hillside

5-5-2009 There will be another meeting regarding the 19-story building proposed for behind the church at 37 Hillside, to be held at PS152M on Nagle Tuesday, May 5th, at 6:30. A flier is posted in the laundry room with more info. The meeting is apparently being held under the auspices of Scott Stringer, the Manhattan Borough President. Here's information about the last meeting if you missed it.

[edit] Third Annual Lobby Party!

12-15-2008 Join your neighbors in the lobby to share in decorating it. Bring some food. Bring some drink. Bring yourself! Starting around 8:00PM after the Annual Meeting of shareholders.

[edit] Pre-Annual Meeting Meeting

11-17-2008 at 8:00PM This meeting will enable us all to discuss and gather information so as to be prepared for the vote on a flip tax which is expected to be on the agenda at the upcoming Annual Meeting.

[edit] Compactor Repaired!

10-23-2008 Hurray! And many thanks to the Board, Criscelda and all who helped get this done. Here's the official notice:

"The compactor has been repaired and is available for use. I would like to caution you that large bags of garbage should NOT be thrown into the compactor. In addition to this, please do not throw kitty litter, glass and recyclable iems into the compactor as this will cause the compactor to malfunction. Instead, please place your refuse into small plastic bags and properly tie them up before discarding them into the compactor. This simple action will drastically increase the life of the compactor and allow it to function without interruption. On behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to thank you for your patience while the compactor was out of service."

[edit] Basement Closed for Exermination

Due to an extensive extermination, the basement will be closed from noon on Friday, July 11th until Saturday morning July 12th. During this period, please place your garbage outside near the door to the basement.

[edit] Compactor Chutes to be closed for repair

The compactor chutes will be closed for repair on Saturday, 5-24-2008 and Sunday, 5-25-2008.  Please bring your refuse to the basement for disposal on those two days.  Thanks!

[edit] Town Hall Meeting

On 5-22-2008 there will be a meeting at 7:30 for cooperators regarding having a flip tax.

[edit] Recycle your junk mail

4-15-2008 Have you seen the new wastebasket next to the mailboxes? What a great idea, and thanks to whoever put it out! We can now recycle all that junk mail without even having to carry it upstairs. But please, only paper!  It can't be recycled if there are plastic cups or other non-paper products left there.

[edit] New Laundry Room Hours!

3-4-2008 Per Jimmie Bailey, our Property Manager at Metro Management, the laundry room will now be open from 8:00AM - 10:00PM every day. This is most welcome, and will help everyone a lot. Thanks!

[edit] Missing Cat Found!

2-23-2008 Please help. Our cat Gravy got out of 5E today, and we really miss her. She's very sweet, and will probably go with you, but just give us a call if you see her. Thanks!

What a saga. Gravy was apparently inside the radiator that's near the mailboxes all day. Thanks to everybody who helped us find her - especially our unknown neighbor who actually located her. Thank you thank you!

[edit] Hot Water

1-25-2008 The hot water will be off between 10:00AM and noon today. Your patience is appreciated.

[edit] Heat Off Tonight


[edit] Laundry Room Hours Extended

11-15-2007 The laundry room's hours have been extended to 24x7x365. Machines will always be available, will always work, will take bottle caps for ... oops! Guess I was dreaming!

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