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July 21, 2008

Dear Neighbor,

The Board of Directors has been meeting each month to manage all kinds of issues for the building. Here's some of what we have been up to:

1. Laundry Room hours have been extended to 10:00PM each day. Additionally, the laundry room is about to get a serious make-over. We are in the process of negotiating a new contract for laundry service that will bring brand new washers, driers, tables and carts, and a card operation system that will free us all from the need to hoard quarters forever.

2. The basement elevator door will no longer be barred at night. You can take your recyclables and kitty litter to the basement at any time!

3. Of course, lately you have had to take your regular garbage there too because the garbage chute is out of commission. This is not entirely bad news. The room at the bottom of the chute, which, thankfully, few of us ever had to brave entry to, has been renovated, repaired and made suitable for human occupation. Part of the repairs to the room involved repairing outdated machinery that controls the chute gate at the bottom. The repair company is trying to fabricate a replacement part that will save us the expense of replacing the whole system. Once it's in, the chute will be returned to service.

4. Ting Barrow has led the creation of a website for the building. We hope it will be a useful resource for information about the building and communication with the board and neighbors. Contact him at

5. The board is considering a plan to renovate a small room in the basement for use as a bicycle locker. The cost for the renovations will be offset by rental fees for using the room. We would like to know how many people might be interested, so please email us at if you want to reserve a space.

6. We hope you like the look of the restored front doors, even if we can't seem to get the lock to work properly. The lockset is, of course, outdated and irreplaceable. The restoration company did what it could to make it look decent, but actually fixing the mechanism wasn't part of the scope of their work. We are looking into other options. To finish off the front entrance rehabilitation, we plan to give the garden rails and alley entrance a fresh coat of paint to match the front door color, and we have ordered a new door mat.

7. Several apartments have changed or will be changing hands. Please welcome our new neighbors in apartments 5B and 6H.

Other issues:

The water pressure failed recently due to open fire hydrants on the streets. Shutdown occur when the water pressure in the pipe from the street falls below a certain level. If the pump did not have this safety mechanism, it would overheat and we'd probably have had to replace it at a cost of several thousand dollars. A few years ago, we discovered that the shut-off was set too high, so shutdowns were common. We thought we had the problem licked, but the last month the pressure dropped to an all time low.

If ever you see an open hydrant on the street, please call 311 and report it. This is not a failure of our plumbing system, nor is it a problem for our building alone. Should these pressure failures continue, our only recourse is an appeal to the Community Board, which will not take the problem seriously if there is not a strong record of complaints.

Moving in/out and large deliveries:

We have just spent some good money fixing up the front doors and we'd like to keep them looking nice. Please do not prop the doors open from their tops. Anyone caught doing so will be liable for repairs. This includes delivery services making deliveries to your apartment!

It is a building rule that Criselda must be notified before anyone moves in or out of an apartment, or plans to receive large deliveries that will require protective covers for the elevator walls. Please keep in mind that we all own the building's public spaces. Repairing damage to the doors, the elevator, the floors or the walls comes out of your pocket.

That's all for now! If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at

Have Happy Summer!

The Board

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