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What's NEW!
2015-12-08 2015 Holiday Party pix!
2011-04-25 Garden 2011!
2009-12-23 2009 Holiday Party pix!
2009-05-06 How to take your windows out!
2009-03-05 New Building?
2008-08-25 July Newsletter!
2008-03-31 New front doors!

The 30 Bogardus Place homepage!

A place to relax. A place to learn things. A place to share with your neighbors!

Here are some of the things we're going to have here:

  • A History of the building, with (hopefully) pictures and stories from old-timers! So start collecting those pictures and reminiscences and start posting them here!
  • A Public Notices section where we'll post the same items as now go in the lobby
  • An Apartments Available section where apartments can be listed. (And having our own website should add to the value, too!)
  • Our very own Blog where we can discuss, sound off and rant!
  • An Area Resources section where we can let each other know about interesting things we have found in our neighborhood

Naturally, as we get it going, people will think of other things, and we'll add them, too! So come on in and enjoy our new meeting place!

This site is built using Mediawiki - the same software that runs Wikipedia - so YOU can change almost anything to add or improve on it! Mostly this just involves typing text, but you can get help about it by going to our Help page.

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