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[edit] Tabs at the top of each page

  • Article - the main page, used to lay out some ideas for disscussion
  • Discussion - use this tab to discuss the page's subject.
  • Edit - use this tab to make changes to the Article page.

[edit] Editing

  • Practice - Here's a place you can practice editing. If you can't find your way back, just keep clicking the "back" arrow on your browser.
  • Section edits - On pages with sections, you can choose to edit a single section by using the [edit] link at the right of the section. This is often faster than editing the whole thing.
  • Preview - use this button when you're editing to see what it's going to look like, rather than saving every change. Helps keep the site from growing too much, too. Just remember to save when you're done!
  • Guidelines - brevity is the soul of wit, they say, and the hardest thing to achieve. Think of us all as sitting around a campfire, talking, listening, talking, listening. Be as generous to others as you would like them to be with you. Let us be the people we would like to be.

[edit] Pictures

There are two ways to add pictures.

  • The easy way is to email them to and I'll do it for you. Be sure to let me know where they should go. Once they're on the site, you can go in and add all the text you want!
  • Do-it-yourself. [more to come]

[edit] Logging in

  • Not required - except to upload files.
  • Get a Login - if you're a coop apartment owner, please email the webmaster here.
  • Password - it will be emailed automatically to the address you give. Once you log in, you can change the password by clicking the update profile link on the upper right of every page.
  • User Name - you can pick your own, as long as it's not taken yet.

[edit] Wiki Help

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