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[edit] Holiday Party 2016

Another year, and this was our ELEVENTH holiday/lobby decoration party!! We got the decorations done in record time, and then partied for . . . perhaps record time! Incredible food, wonderful neighbors, and a good time had by all!

[edit] Lobby Decoration Party 2015

Another wonderful lobby trimming party this year! Seemed like even more people than usual came, and it went on for several hours, with wonderful canapes and drinks. (It should be noted that we had lovely parties in 2013 and 2014 as well, but nobody took pictures.)

[edit] Lobby Decoration Party 2012

It was a great party this year with lots of wonderful Puerto Rican food, homemade Coquito (thanks to our neighbor Hilda in 1H), and many other treats shared by other owners. We were still in the lobby at 11:00! If anybody took pictures, please send them to us so we can post them!

[edit] Lobby Decoration Party 2011

Seems like this year went too fast, but here we are again, putting up the lobby decorations for the holiday season. And there was a really good turnout this year, so everything went up quickly.

The girls are growing up, and took a big hand in ornamenting the tree with balls and tinsel.

And then we partied!

Click here to see the rest of the pictures!

[edit] Lobby Decoration Party 2010!

Some new faces and some old helped make this, our FIFTH annual lobby decoration, go swimingly. Gustavo helped out by putting in some critical nails, so things should stay up this year too.

As usual, there was copious food and drink, and a good time was had by all - well after all the decorations were up!

If you didn't make it, don't miss out next year!

Click here to see all the pictures!

[edit] Lobby Decoration Party 2009

Our fourth annual lobby decoration party was held on December 17th, right after the Annual Meeting.

As always, there was a wide variety of food and drinks, with special mention and thanks due to the champagne (yes!) and the lucious cream puffs.

There was even a kind of collective memory from last year of how to hang the decorations, so most of it stayed up!

It was a fitting close to what has been a good year for the building, and we hope that those of you who couldn't make it will come next year!

You can click here to see more of the pictures.

[edit] The Fixit Column

Ever wondered how to take your windows out for cleaning? We did too, and finally found it. Here's how you can do it too.

[edit] Taking it OUT

Locate the silver clips (see picture) at the top of each side of the window inside the frame. Normally they'll be flush with the frame, so the window can slide over them if you raise it that high. BUT, if you want to take the window out, just slip a fingernail under the bottom edge and pull, letting the clip hinge up. It only comes out less than half an inch, but that's enough.

Now raise the window, making sure that the white plastic pieces (they'll be barely visible at the top corners of your window) engage the clips. When you do it right, you'll feel them catch under the silver clips, and the window will visibly loosen. Hold on to it! Now, take the window out by pressing it sideways until the other side comes clear of the frame. Then just take it out.

You'll see the two springs hanging from the clips. If one happens to fall out, just slide it back under the clip before you put the window back in.

[edit] Putting it back IN

Here's how you do that - essentially by reversing how you got it out.

The key is to slide one side of the window over the spring, making sure that the white plastic piece at the bottom of the spring is just above the bottom of the window. When you get it right, the spring goes nicely into a groove in the window. Now swing the other side of the window in and do the same thing with the spring on that side. This may involve raising or lowering the window a little. It may be possible to do this by moving the spring, but that didn't work for us.

When the window catches, let it come down gently a few inches to check that the springs are firmly attached. If the window seems loose or one of the springs didn't catch, just raise it back up and realign the bad side. If all is well it will feel firm and under control.

Enjoy your clean windows!

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