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[edit] Dog

Just curious - but I thought this was a no dog building (it was a term of my agreement). There's been a dog barking away for quite awhile in the building and I've noticed a little one every so often. Were some grandfathered in? It's not generally an issue with me. Rebecca 1E

Rebecca, it is a no-dog building, but one dog was grandfathered. You can contact the board at for more. Ting.

[edit] Block Association

A second meeting was held on October 16th, 2013.

  • Gustavo presented a revised and very simple window lock that we liked. Deborah will ask the Board to consider providing them for the building.
  • There was discussion about how to move forward to start a block association. Deborah and Rod will put up fliers. Gustavo will help get Board names from his building. Mike will try to reach same in #14. Ting will contact the PS 178 PTA.

A new email has been set up to provide input. Feel free to use it!

[edit] Notes

Could somebody take notes at the Weds Oct 16 meeting? Unfortunately, I work nights, though I would love to be involved. Also very interested in the window locks. Will do! Thanks! Rebecca 1E

[edit] Stroller?

Anyone want to unload a stroller? A lovely actor couple I am working with are adopting a baby girl. They waited forever and now everything is happening at warp speed; instant baby arrives Monday the 23rd. I've been trying to help her collect a bunch of hand-me-downs. Does anyone have a baby stroller their kids have just outgrown, by any crazy chance? Thanks! Rebecca 1E

[edit] People in lobby 9/14

Does anyone know what was going on in the lobby at around 4:40AM St 9/14? My buzzer rang a couple of times and I heard activity in the lobby - it appeared to be the police. Is everyone OK? Does anyone need help? Rebecca 1E

[edit] People Coming to Our Doors About Energy Suppliers

Salespeople from energy middlemen supply companies have been ringing our doorbells for several months now. I don't know how they get into the building unless residents have been buzzing in strangers. Please don't buzz anyone in whom you don't know or don't expect. Of course, we all know our UPS deliveryman. There are also FedEx regulars. But strangers should not be able to waltz into our building. It's not safe for us.

Additionally, these energy company salespeople are bad news. Some are extremely aggressive and imply that if you don't sign up, something terrible will happen. Others tell out-and-out lies about what is involved. You do not have to change from getting your electricity and gas directly from Con Ed if you don't want to. The low rates that these middlemen companies offer are temporary, and you don't know what the long-term rates are. Many of these salespeople won't tell you what the regular rates will be. I have spoken to the customer service people at Con Ed and they said that if the salespeople become annoying, we should complain to the Public Service Commission and that we don't have to make any changes in our energy services.

[edit] Aditional thought about remodeling

30 Bogardus is an Art Deco building, listed in the official Art Deco registry. If extensive remodeling is allowed, how are the Art Deco details to be conserved? I don't know if the Board has ever taken up this issue and think that it should. Is the apartment owner to be allowed to do anything that complies with the basic building codes or should there be some preservation requirements?

[edit] Ad in NY Times about two apts here in 30 Bogardus

Oct 31, 2011: an ad ran in the online NY Times selling two apartments here in 30 Bogardus Pl for $390K together and suggesting that they be made into one by knocking out walls. The apartments are 2G and 2H. The real estate firm is Prudential Douglas Elliman.

This plan looks as if it would cause much noise, dust, and fumes for a long time. The intensity of the remodeling would require months of work. Does anyone know about this plan? Are these two of the sponsored apartments or are they two coop units?

The url is:

Large scale, intense remodeling is something to be avoided for the sake of those of us who live here. Rod and I have lived through remodeling of apartments around ours in our previous building and strenuously object to this scheme.

Deborah, 5C

[edit] Biological Blog II: Skunk

If you think that you occasionally smell skunk near the building, you are not mistaken. There is at least one skunk who has been gadding about in the area. We saw it in the garden in Fort Tryon Park. People who live in one of the buildings near 187 St. and Fort Washington were hugely surprised one morning when someone opened the basement door to Fort Washington, and a skunk strolled out of the basement. The smell near the entrance of our building was unmistakable this afternoon but gone by 5 pm.

If you should see the critter, just steer clear. If he/she stamps his/her paws at you, run away because that is a prelude to spraying. Animals like coyotes, raccoons, and wild turkey are getting acclimated to city life. Skunks may also join the urban movement, but are more problematic. Like raccoons, they can carry rabies; unlike raccoons, it's very hard to get the smell of the spray off. Myth Busters found that only a strong solution of bleach and detergent did anything at all.

We have seen several skunks at a time up on Bennet at night. They seem to pay no attention to people or cars, but, at least on one night, were very interested in some of the large trees. [TB]

[edit] European Hornets

The very large wasps that we see this summer (2011) are European hornets, the most placid of hornets. Away from the nest, they are not aggressive. The workers are busy gathering food for the hive. Near the hive, they are usually not aggressive. They become galvanized by what they perceive as a threat to the hive and will attack.

From the swarm of hornets near the northernmost wall of Fort Tryon Houses where Bennett Ave. curves to go to Broadway, it seems the hive is near or on that wall. Going to the A train entrance on Bennett involves going through the swarm. Just go and ignore them. Do not flick at them or make any aggressive movement and you will be fine. They have not been stinging people to date (7/20).

[edit] Washing Machine on the C-Line

It has come to my attention in the most unpleasant way that someone has a washing machine. The way that I know this is that my bathtub is continuously filling up with used laundry soap and dirty grime. This evening I was filling the tub at the same time someone was washing and that caused the soap bubbles and grime to fill my tub, my sink, and pour onto my bathroom floor. I believe that is may be the reason that washing machines are not allowed in the building. Please take care of the problem or I will have to have management take care of it for me.

[edit] Changing Ceiling Light Bulbs

Hi, again from Rod and Deb,

We've never had such high ceilings and a couple of ceiling bulbs are burned out. Just getting on a chair wouldn't get us high enough to change them. How do you change them without a ladder? Or is there a ladder available? If not, we would gladly get one for the building that everyone could share.

Thank you for any info, Rod and Deb

You can borrow ours any evening or weekend - just come knock. Ting and Flora, 5E

[edit] Kitty Litter

We'll be moving into 5C in a couple of weeks and have a question for the cat owners: where should the used kitty litter be discarded? Of course, it doesn't go down the toilet (clog, clog), but one of the public notices instructs us not to put it into the compactor either. In our present building, it does go down the chute to the compactor. In any case, where should it go?

Sorry for beginning our neighborly relationship with a gross topic, Deborah and Rod

No problem, and thanks for asking. There is a small barrel in the basement, between the two large black ones (for general trash) and the recycling barrels. You could also call Gustavo, our super for more info. (Use "search" at the left to find his number). [TB]
Revised! (See Notices)

[edit] A Library?!

Thanks to whoever put the books in the basement. We took several and enjoyed them. One I put back so someone else can enjoy it, prompting the thought that it would be great to have a kind of low-key library there. We could all put books there we don't want any more, and find some others. All we'd need would be a small bookcase. Anyone else have any ideas?

[edit] In Memoriam

January, 2011 This month we lost a long-time building resident, Ed Bottom, who lived in apartment 2F. Any information or pictures you can share here would be welcome.

[edit] Skating anyone?

It's winter, and Wollman Rink is beautiful. We go on Thursday nights when it's cheaper and really enjoy seeing the City lit up around us. Usually get there around 6:30 or 7:00. Just show up and say "hi", or see Ting in 5E if you have questions. Here's the Wollman site.

[edit] New garden picture

It's just beautiful what Farah has done with the front garden! check it out here! And the only picture we have from 2008 here!

[edit] Nice to meet you

hey everybody

I just thought it would be good to introduce myself to everyone!

Can't wait to get to know you all better!


Thanks again!

[edit] New Washing Machines!

3-10-2009 Finally - and wonderfully - we have new washing machines and dryers. Let's hope they give us long and good service!

[edit] Third Annual Lobby Trimming Party

12-15-2008 A really great time was had by all trimming the lobby this year. Gerty was missed, but there were lots of new faces, and fabulous food and drink. Does anyone know who started this event?

[edit] Boiler?!!!

What gives with the huge boiler parked across the street? It's not terrible, but we definitely hear it kicking in and running - and sometimes it makes a large belch of smoke which doesn't look good and smells worse. Anyone have any idea how long it's going to be there?

[edit] L-Shaped Design Over the Elevator

Does anybody know what it is? How long it's been there?

The mystery was finally revealed by Jeffrey Guimond during the fourth annual lobby trimming party in December of 2009: it's a symbol for the burning bush.

[edit] Million Trees New York

Isn't it fabulous to see all the new trees in our neighborhood? They're from Million Trees New York. Check it out. Volunteer! (And then tell us about your experiences here)!

[edit] In Memoriam

4-28-2008 The building lost two long-time tenants recently. Natasha (?), who lived in 2D, was indispensible as the person who took in all our UPS and Fedex packages year after year without complaint.

We also lost Gerty Wurtzburger (picture, left), who lived in 2C and passed away April 9, 2008. She was a devoted wife (she lost her husband Jack, September of 1995), mother, mother-in-law and grandmother. She loved everyone and everyone loved her. She was a devoted animal lover and all the dogs in the neighborhood knew her. If anyone would like to make a donation in her memory, please contact the Shoah Foundation or the United States Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC. She leaves two sons, Bernard Wurtzburger and Arthur Warren. She will be missed.

[edit] New Garden!

4-20-2008 Thanks again to Farah (and others - please name yourselves!) - the garden is beginning to show it's true colors again. And what colors they are!

[edit] New Front Doors!

3-31-2008 With the weather turning milder, the long-awaited front door project is finally getting off the ground. Very exciting! With the re-built doors already in place (though unfinished) it's amazing how easily and solidly they turn. Can't wait for the finish! [TB]

[edit] Spring Day

2-6-2008 What a spring-like day! [TB] Bold text

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